Sunday, July 09, 2006


Southern Cross
is pleased to say that the Greater Bay Area generously donated
to the NCSF at last weeks benefit.

There are still some items of interest being offered, and those fundraising items will be posted separately as they are completed.

ALL of us have to thank you wonderful people. We apologize for not being as fully prepared as possible. We had *expected* to raise about $1,000.00 if we were lucky- and had set up an event and staff to cover something up to about $1500.00.

WOW- you guys amazed us all, and offering food and play to upwards of 140 folks that night was more than planned upon. Thank you all for overlooking our short staffing, lack of chairs, packed play space, messy meal line, and lack of ice at times. It wasn't perfect, but YOU all made it so for us. We will continue to post notices as we wrap up ALL the items being handled throughout the summer and fall.

Meanwhile- Save the date! JULY 7, 2007....

We do it AGAIN.

We have volunteers lined up.

Bigger... better.... take vacation early and don't miss 7/7/7: One digit past the Beast, a benefit for the NCSF.

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