Friday, January 25, 2008

Ye Olde Renaissance Faire

Ye Olde Rennaisance Faire!!!

Come gather ye Lords and Ladies of the Court,
thy Jesters and Merrymakers,Wenches and Nobles,
to Edges on July 5th, 2008 from 2pm to 3am
to make merry and be gay!

Southern Cross Hosts the Annual Valley Fundraiser.

One inclusive fee at the gate includes

Vendor Alley
For those choice delights,
both Kink and Ren Faire related.

The Games
Wild entertainments and joyous games,
including "The Strap On Joust".

The Glen
A hearty meal with drink
in classic Elizabethan Countryside flavors.

The Rack
Medieval torturers to poke and slap, prod
and smack, cane and wax your body delights.

The Dungeon
A fully equipped dungeon for your own
entertainments,to use as you see fit.

The Entertainment
Dancing wenches, belly dancers, jugglers and fire players that delight the senses.

The Charity Event
Our annual charity auction,
featuring hand crafted toys from vendors far and wide,
and featuring an item from the legendary Viper Leatherworks.

Musicians for merriment, and more!

Enter our tent and live the enchantments of Elizabethan life as we never knew it!

***Advanced ticket sales at discounted fare
for thy Lords and Ladies who plan ahead,
beginning April 1st.** *