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2009- Welcome to the Hollywood Canteen!

Image, Source: color film copy slide

Southern Cross is proud to announce the annual Valley Fundraiser at Edges:
A Night at the Hollywood Canteen
Pull out your service wear (those in full correct military wear get in FREE with a case of water), yank on your skivvies, dress up or down and join us for a day of fun and one great fligh before you ship out!

Your admission at Edges includes free coffee, donuts, and all you can eat soup as well as a chance to negotiate with one of the stars (better than dancin' hu?) for a small donation to the cause.

Music to play by includes hits from the Big Bands that helped keep us free and new salza hits to interrogate your prisoner by!
The folks at the canteen welcome you to a fun filled day, doors open at 2 PM and the party runs till 1 AM.
Advanced tickets on sale as of May 1 through Edges and SX Staffers to be announced.

Welcome to the Hollywood Canteen

The 4th of July 2009 Valley Benefit WELCOMES YOU!

The Hollywood Canteen operated between October 3, 1942 and November 22, 1945 (Thanksgiving Day) as a club offering food, dancing and entertainment for servicemen, usually on their way overseas.

The Canteen, a former livery stable and nightclub, the Old Barn, was located at 1451 Cahuenga Boulevard, off Sunset.

We at SX offer you a cyber trip down memory lane to peak your interest and give you some ideas for the fund raiser this summer.
Many of the pictures have links if you click on them to the original pages or other info.

Hollywood CanteenEven though the majority of visitors were U.S servicemen, the Canteen was open to servicemen of allied countries as well as women in all branches of service. The serviceman's ticket for admission was his uniform and everything at the Canteen was free of charge.

Bob Gallagher in Riverside, California

The driving forces behind its creation were Bette Davis and John Garfield, along with composer Jules Stein, President of Music Corporation of America, who headed up the finance committee.

"Jules Stein, up to this time, was seldom ever seen. Few people even knew what he looked like. He preferred to live this way. It was a big decision when he said he would head the financial committee. He would have to alter his way of life. Without his hard work, advice, and investments of our funds the Hollywood Canteen could not have been successful, to say nothing of the work of his wife, Doris, who I asked to be the head of the committee for the hostesses necessary for dancing partners for the servicemen.

When the canteen was no longer needed after V-J Day, $500,000 remained in the canteen account. These monies were the result of Jules's ideas. A great source of revenue came from a film he urged Warner Bros. to make called Hollywood Canteen, a large percentage of which was allotted by Mr. Warner to the canteen itself. With the remaining monies a foundation was formed, and to this day contributions are made to worthy projects dealing with the armed forces." Davis devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to the project.
Materials for repairs and decorations and actual labor were donated by members of the fourteen guilds and unions of the industry, which included the board of directors of the Hollywood Canteen, with Davis as president and Garfield as vice-president. Artists and cartoonist painted murals on the walls. The Canteen was operated and staffed completely by volunteers from the entertainment industry. By the time the Canteen opened its doors, over 3000 stars, players, directors, producers, grips, dancers, musicians, singers, writers, technicians, wardrobe attendants, hair stylists, agents, stand-ins, publicists, secretaries, and allied craftsmen of radio and screen had registered as volunteers.

The Canteen charged $100.00 dollars to sit in the bleachers for opening night, October 3, 1942.
Davis, "This also was Jules Stein's idea. The canteen made $10,000 that night from the bleacher seats. It seemed thousands of men entered the canteen that night. I had to crawl through a window to get inside."

Glamorous stars volunteered to wait on tables, cook in the kitchen and clean up. On September 15, 1943 the one millionth guest walked through the door of the Hollywood Canteen. The lucky soldier, Sgt. Carl Bell, received a kiss from Betty Grable.
Actress Shirley Temple, a United Service Organizations (USO) volunteer, holds a bowl of cookies for servicemen at the Hollywood Canteen, Ca., Aug. 21, 1944.

More of that AMAZING place!

US War Propaganda PosterWant to spend the day with us, but not sure?
US War Propaganda Poster
Well, aside from those in uniform, there were hundreds of volunteers- Hollywood elite, and regular Joe's and Jills dressed in their best dancing clothes or manning the food lines- not always in what you would think!

A Hall of Honor at the Hollywood Canteen had a wall of photos which honored the film actors who served in the military.

Rita hayworth prepares sandwiches.

Ooh yeah-- that's Rita Hayworth!

In 1944, Warner Bros. made a star-studded film about the Hollywood Canteen. At the time the Canteen closed its doors, it had been host to almost three million servicemen.

Some of the celebrities who donated their services at the Hollywood Canteen were:

* Bud Abbott & Lou Costello
* June Allyson
* Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
* The Andrews Sisters
* Dana Andrews
* Eve Arden
* Louis Armstrong
* Fred Astaire
* Lauren Bacall
* Lucille Ball
* Tallulah Bankhead
* Lynn Bari
* Diana Barrymore
* Lionel Barrymore
* Anne Baxter
* Wallace Beery
* William Bendix
* Joan Bennett
* Jack Benny
* Edgar Bergen
* Mel Blanc
* Ann Blyth
* Humphrey Bogart
* Ray Bolger
* Beulah Bondi
* Walter Brennan
* Fanny Brice
* Joe E. Brown
* George Burns & Gracie Allen
* James Cagney
* Cab Calloway
* Rod Cameron
* Eddie Cantor
* Judy Canova
* Kitty Carlisle
* Jack Carson
* Marguerite Chapman
* Charles Coburn
* Claudette Colbert
* Jerry Colonna
* Ronald Colman
* Perry Como
* Gary Cooper
* Jackie Cooper
* Bing Crosby
* Joan Crawford
* George Cukor
* Robert Cummings
* Xavier Cugat
* Cass Daley
* Dorothy Dandridge
* Linda Darnell
* Bette Davis
* Yvonne De Carlo
* William Demarest
* Olivia de Havilland
* Marlene Dietrich
* Jimmy Dorsey
* Tommy Dorsey
* Irene Dunne
* Jimmy Durante
* Deanna Durbin
* Nelson Eddy
* Faye Emerson
* Dale Evans
* Jinx Falkenburg
* Alice Faye
* Gracie Fields
* Errol Flynn
* Kay Francis
* Joan Fontaine
* Glenn Ford
* Eva Gabor
* Ava Gardner
* Judy Garland
* Greer Garson
* Betty Grable
* Cary Grant
* Kathryn Grayson
* Sydney Greenstreet
* Paulette Goddard
* Benny Goodman
* Jack Haley
* Phil Harris
* Moss Hart
* Dick Haymes
* Susan Hayward
* Rita Hayworth
* Paul Henreid
US War Propaganda Poster
* Katharine Hepburn
* Bob Hope
* Hedda Hopper
* Lena Horne
* Edward Everett Horton
* Ruth Hussey
* Betty Hutton
* Harry James
* Gloria Jean
* Van Johnson
* Al Jolson
* Jennifer Jones
* Danny Kaye
* Buster Keaton
* Ruby Keeler
* Gene Kelly
* Evelyn Keyes
* Andrea King
* Kay Kyser

* Alan Ladd
* Bert Lahr
* Angela Lansbury
* Veronica Lake
* Hedy Lamarr
* Dorothy Lamour
* Carole Landis
* Frances Langford
* Pinky Lee
* Mervyn LeRoy
* Vivien Leigh
* Joan Leslie
* Ted Lewis
* Beatrice Lillie

US War Propaganda Poster
* June Lockhart
* Anita Loos
* Peter Lorre
* Myrna Loy
* Bela Lugosi
* Ida Lupino
* Diana Lynn
* Jeanette MacDonald
* Irene Manning
* Groucho Marx
* Herbert Marshall
* Victor Mature
* Elsa Maxwell
* Hattie McDaniel
* Roddy McDowall
* Butterfly McQueen
* Ray Milland
* Ann Miller
* Glenn Miller
* Carmen Miranda
* Maria Montez
* George Montgomery
* Dennis Morgan
* Ken Murray
* The Nicholas Brothers
* Jack Oakie
* Margaret O'Brien
* Maureen O'Hara
* Donald O'Connor
* Maureen O'Sullivan
* Merle Oberon
US War Propaganda Poster
* Eleanor Parker
* Louella Parsons
* Gregory Peck
* Mary Pickford
* Walter Pidgeon
* Dick Powell
* Eleanor Powell
* Jane Powell
* William Powell
US War Propaganda Poster
* Anthony Quinn
* George Raft
* Claude Rains

* Basil Rathbone
* Martha Raye
* Ronald Reagan
* Donna Reed
* Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
* Edward G. Robinson
* Ginger Rogers
* Roy Rogers
* Cesar Romero
* Mickey Rooney
* Jane Russell
* Rosalind Russell
* Ann Rutherford
* S.Z. Sakall
* Ann Savage
* Randolph Scott

* Toni Seven
* Norma Shearer
* Ann Sheridan
* Dinah Shore
* Sylvia Sidney
* Phil Silvers
* Ginny Simms
* Frank Sinatra
* Red Skelton
* Alexis Smith
* Kate Smith
* Ann Sothern
* Jo Stafford
* Barbara Stanwyck
* Craig Stevens
* Leopold Stokowski
* Shirley Temple
* Danny Thomas
* Gene Tierney
* Martha Tilton
* Claire Trevor
* Lana Turner
* Spencer Tracy
* Gloria Vanderbilt
* Beryl Wallace
* Nancy Walker
* John Wayne
* Clifton Webb
* Orson Welles
* Paul Whiteman
* Chill Wills
* Marie Wilson
* Jane Withers
* Anna May Wong
* Jane Wyman
* Rudy Vallee
* Lupe Velez
* Loretta Young
* Vera Zorina
Bette Davis hosts a 26th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Red Army. The sailors are from a Russian ship anchored in Los Angeles Harbor.

Hollywood Canteen volunteer's arm band and ID card
The movie premier of the real life story

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, set your calendars for a whole new kinda convention!

AUGUST 21-23, 2009

EDGES, Santa Clara, California

What is Efest West?

Efest is an enema-centric event where people can meet others with similar interests to socilize, learn and play. It is a fun filled weekend full of discussions, socials, parties, classes and other medical fetish demonstrations.

The E-fest schedule includes play parties on Friday and Saturday nights, Thursday meet & greet, and classes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Early registration includes discounted prices at:

Presenters include Southern Cross's BEAUTY and shadow .
Together, they present "Give the Little Lady a Hand", the fine art of vaginal fisting for men and women. The class with live demonstration and question/answer period, will give information on health, medical supplies, attitudes, advice, and general anatomy while offering a frank and informative look at how to insert or accept a fist and then offer pleasure to the other partner. There will not be snackies.